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Hello everybody Happy Monday on this side XD! :heart:

I'd like to feature an amazing artist :iconshizen1102: 

He does amazing fantasy character and illustrations and he does it in his own unique style which I admire ^^.
Here are some of his works
Mayhem Angel by shizen1102Elimination by shizen1102
Angelic Knight by shizen1102

If you're interested in commissioning him here are his info  Commission is now [OPEN]
Commission is now [OPEN]
[Last updated on 06/12/2016]
Hi people ^^~,
For commission information, please take a look at the following examples:
Full body character plus completed background: 115$ [from $129 - June 2017 Discount Term] 



* Adding a character to a full-body artwork will cost $25 ~ $30 for each character being added
(depending on the settings of the character(s) in the artwork (i.e if you wish to add a character whose figure is obscured by something or another character th
  Sketchy Commissions are now [OPEN]Sketchy Commissions are now [OPEN]

"The Wizard" - Sketchy commission I did for Myriad of Dragon. 

Hi guys,
I want to begin by thanking you guys so much for the supports for my commissions. Yet, I have figured out that my price range could be a little bit too much for some, and I find it very unfortunate - y know, arts should be something you can get for an affordable price, as their main purposes are to bring joys and emotions onto this world, right?
That's why I'm introducing a whole new set of commission - it will be very different from my usual commission set [which you can see here:
And those are...

"The Larva Worm" - Sketchy Commission I did for Myriad of Dragon

But, what are the differences? 

Cheers everybody! :happybounce:

Auroha Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2017
Wow, his art looks amazing!
wkwied Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2017
Tfw I watch both of you already 😍
ZakuraRain Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2017   Digital Artist
Many thanks~ ^^
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